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The Ultimate Home Wax Bench
Part 1: The Basic Bench
Jan 2, 2002

Waxing skis is a pain. Occasionally waxing has therapeutic benefits - a nice relaxing exercise, becoming one with your skis - but mostly it's a necessary evil. (Klisters are the exception: I actually enjoy smoothing out klister with my hands).

Assuming you're a typical masters racer, you probably have the same requirements when it comes to waxing at home:

  • The need to wax multiple pairs of skis.
  • A place to put those pairs of skis to cool.
  • The ability to easily clean up the wax mess.
  • The need to use a wax profile bench.

I've created a home wax bench that seems to satisfy those needs. The wax bench:

  • Converts to a normal work bench in the non-snow months.
  • Has a "wax catcher" that keeps the wax from falling on the floor and simplifies cleanup.
  • Allows me to easily attach and detach a Swix Wax Profile to it.
  • Lets me easily work on fours pairs of skis.

The Basic Work Bench
Let's start out by building the basic bench, then add on all the pieces that make it the ultimate bench.

The work bench is simply an 8 ft x 2 ft "ladder" of 2x4's covered with an 8 ft x 2 ft piece of 5/8 inch plywood (drawing at right). I used general purpose screws (drywall screws) to tie everything together. Have Home Depot or whoever cut the plywood for you - much faster and easier, and probably free. (Use the leftover plywood for a rollerboard).

After attaching the plywood top, turn the bench top upside down and attach the legs. The four legs are 2x4's cut to 29 inches in length, then screwed into the inside corners of the ladder (picture at left). I have the 4" side of the back legs screwed into the side of the bench; in the front, the legs are attached to front of the bench - This provides sufficient stability to the bench so it doesn't wobble, especially when it's pushed against a wall.

This work bench is solid! No problem standing on it if you have to.

The Ultimate Wax Bench Series:
Part 1: The Basic Wax Bench
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