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Unpaid plug for AXCS

Why Should I Join AXCS? WIIFM*?


To help you train and race better:
You get a subscription to The Master Skier. And if you're a racer, you need a subscription to The Master Skier - it's that good. (Go to their web site and read a sample of their articles if you have any doubt).
You also get a subscription to the AXCS News. The last issue had articles about the National and World Masters Championships, cold supplements, summaries of recent sports science research ("...This study suggest you won't do additional damage by exercising sore muscles..."), ski tuning, group training ideas, and about rest and glycogen replenishment. You want this newsletter!

To keep you informed of racing opportunities:
AXCS chooses the site for the National Masters Championships (they choose Marquette, MI for the 2004 Masters!). They automatically send out applications for the championships, keeps you informed of rule changes (did you know there are four team categories?), and tells you how to get there and where to stay.
AXCS is also the USA representation to the World Masters Association and provides you with up to date World Master Championship information. 

Gives you a free car!
Ok, not really, but the AXCS VIP Partners Program will get you a great discount on a Suburu - up to $3,500 savings.

Helps your community and club/team:
With Suburu, AXCS provides matching grants for local grooming and educational projects.
AXCS is also developing group training materials for use by local clubs. These materials can help you get your club of team motivated!

Lets you ski in the summer!
AXCS is exploring member interest in an official Summer 2003 trip to a Southern Hemisphere destination. You'll have to me a member to go. Hey, you'll have to be a member just to find out about it!

Your Instructions!

Signup with AXCS, not tomorrow, not the next day, but NOW:
  • Use the online registration.
  • Use the paper & mail registration. 
       If you belong to a club or team, or want to remain independent, use this form
       If you don't belong to a club or team, you can belong to the Training Group, and use this form - it simply has the address filled in.)
  • If your club or team is not listed with AXCS, go yell at your club leader/president/big kahuna and tell him/her/it to get on the ball.

I put my money where my mouth is:
I renewed for another 3 years! 
- Mike Muha

*What's in it for me?


Strength, Balance, & Core training for the Nordic Skier

Read a review of RepMotions: The science of enhancing progressive-resistance training
Read review of Armit: Power for Poling
Read a review of The New Steady Ski

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"Join the AXCS today!  Promote XC skiing & get great benefits for yourself."


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