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Toko Irox: Spray on Flouro

Thu, Dec  2, 2010 - By Ian Harvey

Toko Irox cross country ski waxSimply put, Irox is a spray-on hot wax. It is totally different from other liquid waxes on the market. The others consist of an alcohol based liquid with paraffin dissolved in it. Irox is a liquid with paraffin suspended (floating around) in it. When it is sprayed (using TruSpray technology), the liquid quickly dissipates leaving an thin even coat of paraffin on the base. Irox can then be finished as desired. The options are:

  1. Iron and go (leaves a very thin layer of wax on the base). Advantage: durable and little work. Disadvantage: will not run as fast in the beginning due to wax on the base.
  2. Iron, scrape, and brush. Advantage: durable and fast. Disadvantage: lots of work.
  3. Buff out and go ski! Advantage: quick application. Disadvantage: not as durable.

A key point in applying Irox is to hold the can about a foot away from the base when spraying. This gives the liquid space to dissipate. If the liquid ends up on the ski mixed with the Irox, the wax will get very greasy and sticky and will be difficult to work. Hold the can about a foot from the base when spraying.

For those of you who enjoyed (and now miss) Dibloc HF Paste, the Irox Fluoro is the same formulation except easier to put on!