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Michigan to host Inaugural National J2 Ski Camp in July

Tue, May  4, 2010 - By Mike Muha

The top 20 J2 girls and top 20 J2 boys from the 2010 US Junior Cross Country Ski Championships have been invited to attend the first ever USSA National J2 Talent Camp in Houghton, Michigan, from July 31 through August 8, 2010. This training camp will provide top Junior 2 age class cross country ski racers (age 14-15) with a great opportunity to work with other top J2’s from across the USA for a week of intensive training and education. The camp is meant to supplement the already successful efforts that are occurring at the club level.

Rick Kapala, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation, spearheaded the idea for a National J2 training camp last spring, and it will now come to fruition at the end of July.

The camp will be based from the campus of Michigan Technological University. Located in Houghton, Michigan. MTU was chosen as the inaugural site because of the excellent dryland training opportunities, state of the art gym and athletic facilities, convenient and affordable dorm lodging and meals and central location.

The National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation has provided a grant to help underwrite the costs of the camp, keeping the costs down to $435 per skier, excluding airfare. Affordable lodging and meals were secured through MTU. The cost of the camp includes include meals, lodging, local transport and facility fees.

The goals of the camp are two fold:

  1. Provide camp participants with an excellent week of dryland training with other top US Juniors that serves to help motivate participants in their efforts in ski racing.
  2. Provide participants with up to date information on nutrition and health management, current international ski technique and training planning and execution.

Four coaches to staff camp

Four coaches from around the US will provide skier coaching at the camp:

Rick Kapala: Head Coach, Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
Rick has been the Head Coach in Sun Valley since 1987. During that time he’s worked with numerous top US skiers and has coached internationally at World Junior/U23 Championships and World Champs and has been coaching at the National level for over 25 years.

Alison Deines: Head Coach, Jackson Hole Ski Team
After a successful racing career that included NCAA Championships as a member of the University of Colorado program, Ali’s coaching experience includes Winterpark CO, The Sun Valley SEF, and is currently at the successful Jackson Hole program. She has served as team leader for the Scandinavian Series and also as staff for World Junior Championships.

Janice Sibilia: Competitive Program Director, New England Nordic Ski Association.
Under Janice’s leadership, NENSA has continued to develop as the leading junior ski racing divisional program in the US. Janice, a former national level cycling competitor in her youth, brings a strong background in training and fitness to her role as a coach.

Josh Smullin: Nordic Coach, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club
Josh has now been with the SSWSC for two years and in that time the program has continued to grow into one of the top Junior cross country ski programs in the US. Another former CU Buff, Josh brings a high level of energy and commitment to skiing.

Two coaching intern positions available

Applications are also being accepted for two coaching intern positions. ideally one male and one female, for the camp. All travel and on site expense will be covered for interns. They will help us supervise daily scheduling for the skiers, help manage workouts and gain valuable experience in what may the beginning of a post college coaching career. Please spread the word to college age skiers who you think might be viable candidates for these coaching intern positions. They need to have strong skiing backgrounds, be good communicators, blend enthusiasm with maturity and be willing to work as a part of team of a staff. Coaching interns will need to be USSA licensed coaches.

National J2 Talent Camp Selection*

AK - Alaska Division
FW - Far West Division
IM - Intermountain Division
MW - Central Division,
     Midwest District
NE - New England Division
RM - Rocky Mountain Division

Best 2 of 3 results from JN's World Cup Scoring: Sprint Prelim, Classic and Free Distance

*In addition to the selection list, each division also has the opportunity to submit additionally up to 1 boy and 1 girl for consideration, on the basis of merit to the camp.


J2 Girls
First Name Last Name Age Number Affiliation Division Best 2/3
1 Corey Stock 15 6262384 Cambridge Sports Union NE 200
2 Heather Mooney 15 6231450 Stratton Mtn School NE 180
3 Marion Woods 14 6175749 Alaska Winter Stars AK 120
4 Sloan Storey 15 5969704 Sun Valley SEF IM 120
5 Maggie Williams 14 6062095 Sun Valley SEF IM 100
6 Anika Miller 14 6244133 Payette Lakes Ski Team IM 96
7 Madalyn Pfeifer 15 6315426 Proctor Academy NE 90
8 Celia Haering 15 6187637 APUNSC AK 90
9 Hannah Miller 15 6294896 Craftsbury NSC NE 74
10 Kelsey PHINNEY 15 6233725 Boulder Nordic RM 60
11 Tristin Lowe 15 6260731 Team Soldier Hollow IM 58
12 Stephanie Kirk 15 6295782 Alaska Nordic Racing AK 50
13 Mary O `CONNELL 15 5816830 Steamboart Springs WSC RM 49
14 Rachel HAMPTON 15 5792973 Durango Nordic RM 48
15 Heidi Halvorsen 14 5847330 Green Mtn Valley School NE 42
16 Emily HANNAH 15 5812805 Steamboart Springs WSC RM 37
17 Maranda Stopol 15 6062277 Sun Valley SEF IM 32
18 Katrin Larusson 14 6262571 Auburn Ski Club FW 31
19 Lucy NEWMAN 15 5681515 Steamboart Springs WSC RM 27
20 Nicole Bathe 14 6278522 CXC JDP MW 27
J2 Boys
  First Name Last Name Age Number Affiliation Division Best 2/3
1 Cole Morgan 15 6253993 Bridger SF IM 200
2 Patrick Caldwell 15 6221469 Ford Sayre NE 145
3 John (Jack) Hegman 15 6262073 Mansfield Nordic NE 130
4 Eli Hoenig 15 6261852 Cambridge Sports Union NE 90
5 Aren Burkemo 15 6260764 Team Soldier Hollow IM 90
6 Matthew Nichols 15 6313697 Knicker Nordic MW 89
7 Eric Slater 15 5533328 Minneapolis Ski Club MW 89
8 Marc Jackson 14 6315125 Team Soldier Hollow IM 82
9 Haakon SIGURSLID 14 6276777 Durango Nordic RM 70
10 Gino PASTORE 15 6216519 Durango Nordic RM 64
11 Austin Hess 15 6155865 Alaska Winter Stars AK 62
12 Christian SHANLEY 15 6221164 S&SC Vail RM 62
13 John Glen 15 6180566 Alaska Winter Stars AK 56
14 Max SCRIMGEOUR 15 5846639 Steamboart Springs WSC RM 54
15 Zachary Lindahl 15 6062483 Sun Valley SEF IM 50
16 Bridger Dunnagan 15 6314077 Bridger SF IM 48
17 Jackson HILL 15 6260331 Summit Nordic RM 41
18 Hamish McEwen 14 6292121 Cambridge Sports Union NE 40
19 Kyle Hanson 15 6289558 Lathrop HS AK 38
20 Adam Martin 15 6313249 Knicker Nordic MW 29