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Huron Meadows receives $3,090 from Frosty Freestyle and WSTC

Tue, Mar  30, 2010 - By Mike Muha

$2,590 in proceeds from the Frosty Freestyle XC Ski Race were donated to Huron Meadows on Saturday, along with another $500 from the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club, part of the Groomer Appreciation Day festivities.

The 2nd Annual Groomer Appreciation Party at Huron Meadows Metropark recognizes the outstanding contribution Huron Meadows has made in promoting quality cross country ski trails in southeast lower Michigan. Adam Haberkorn was honored for his vision in seeing a market for quality ski trails in southeast Michigan. Adam and Bill McConnell were both honored for superior grooming, sometimes starting at 3:00am in the morning!

Mike Muha, race director for the Frosty Freestyle xc ski race, donated $2,590 to the park, proceeds from the race. The Washtenaw Ski Touring Club also donated $500 to the park to support the grooming efforts.

Mike Muha received the "Huron-Clinton Metroparks Volunteer of the Year" award for his work promoting cross country skiing at Huron Meadows. And, in a surprise announcement, Adam Haberkorn recognized as the "Employee of the Year" for the Huron-Clinton Metroparks for his work both in promoting cross country skiing and improving the Huron Meadows Golf Course.

Then there were the Stormy Kromer hats and the brand new Piston Bully groomer. See the story in pictures (all photos by Denise Semion):

Stu and Lucy White, on behalf of the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club, hand over a $500 donation to Bill McConnell and Adam Haberkorn to support the Huron Meadows Grooming Fund.


To make sure everyone recognizes the groomers, MC Ken Roth awards Adam and Bill Stormy Kromer hats, monogrammed with their names.

Adam receives a brand new Piston Bully 3000 groomer with all the attachments!

Mike Muha presents $2,590 to Jerry Cyr from the Frosty Freestyle XC ski race

Race Director for the Frosty Freestyle cross country ski race, Mike Muha, hands the Metroparks' Jerry Cyr a check for $2,590, proceeds from the race. The money will be used to buy rental skate skis for Huron Meadows.

Mike Muha is honored as the Huron-Clinton Metroparks Volunteer of the Year by Metroparks Director Jayne Miller.

Honors to Mike Muha, Adam Haberkorn and Bill McConnell. More photos...