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The real thing

Tue, Jun  30, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

Sometimes all the talk distracts.


And instead of seeing the real thing you chase a shadow of the real thing.

And go for things that aren't really there, even though you can see them with your own two eyes.

Fitness.  Fitness.  Fitness.   This is a fitness sport, first, second and third.  Get fit.  Got it?

Hoffman - one of the fastest times ever up Agony.

The Western Regional Elite Group warms up for strength training.  This is about action - about putting plans in motion and getting things done.  Thanks to all the REG coaches and staff for their hard work.

Yes, have fun.

Traditional and non-traditional fun.  Hard work is fun.  Skate speeds this day.  4 x 7 minutes threshold the next morning, strength that afternoon.  Little skate session before giving a talk to the REG camp.

Center of Excellence.  This is about making opportunity and taking advantage of every opportunity and knowing that every day is ripe with opportunity.  Use every day.

This is about knowing what to do.  Noah Hoffman - records his last set.

And doing it.  Lindsay Williams working on it.

At the REG we used bibs to help give better feedback to the athletes.  Everyone went home with specific things to work on.  Every session: know what you are going to accomplish.

And how.

You say, how high?  Davis Norris.

How fast.

How low, how heavy, how many.  Know.

Doesn't have to be fancy.  Warming up for intervals.

Intervals.  4 to 5 x 4 minutes, level 4 (6 to 8mmol).

Warming down from Intervals.  Simple.

REG out on an OD.  1.5hours roll (1300 vertical).  2 hours run.  Simple.

Enjoy it.

All of it.

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