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Juniors Olympics

Thu, Mar  12, 2009 - By Tony Mattioli

Tony Mattioli is a Great Lakes District racer skiing on the Superiorland Ski Club in Marquette, Michigan. His blog entries are at

Our off day after the relays was great. We skied on the fine trails and reviewed the course for the 15k skate. We went over course strategy and how to ski smart at altitude because skiing at altitude is different than what we are used to down about 6000 ft.

The trail for the 15k skate is quite hilly and it seems to be all up hill, but we all know that that can't happen on a loop, but it sure seems like that. The one major downhill is called “The Black Hole” it is a really fast down hill with about 4 our 5 turns that are quite sharp on it, it will be amazing with about 100 other j1 males all skiing together trying to stay on their feet no matter what happens to the skiers around them.

It is expected to warm up a few degrees more for tomorrow, somewhere in the mid to high 30’s. The trail should hold up throughout the day despite the warmer temperatures and the massive amounts of racers to race before us. The j1 male (including me) go off at 11:30. WISH US LUCK!!!