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Fight hookworm: Donate old running shoes

Fri, Jun  6, 2008 - By Running Fit

Saw this in a Running Fit e-mail. I bet everyone has at least one old pair of running shoes they were planning on tossing... - Mike Muha 
Running Fit has partnered with Soles 4 Souls , a nonprofit group that distributes used shoes in over 40 countries.
While your old running shoes may have reached the end of their performance life with too many miles, they still can provide protection and covering for someone less fortunate on the other side of the world.  Hookworm is a devastating parasite that enters through the unprotected foot, often in unsanitary conditions.  The World Health Organization says Hookworm afflicts over 740 million people in developing countries.  Our used shoes can save thousands of people from this terrible disease.   Please consider dropping off your used running shoes at any seven Running Fit locations
During our kick off month of June, we will offer $10.00 OFF the regular purchase price of any new pair of running shoes for your donation of one or more pair.  To learn more about this program and hookworm, read this article from the Ann Arbor News.