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Eagle Glacier, Alaska and Summer Skiing

Wed, Jun  27, 2007 - By Lauren Fritz

The past few weeks have been pretty intense, with a week-long dry land training camp in Anchorage with Pat Casey, USST Continental Cup Team Coach, only 4 days after I got home, a 5-mile Run for Women which benefits breast cancer (which was won by Kikkan Randall and Taz Mannix in 2nd--both skiers on the US Ski Team) and then rolling right into a week-long ski camp on Eagle Glacier above Girdwood. Although it was not the first time I've skied on the glacier, it was still amazing, with only one or two days of partly cloudy weather and nearly an entire week of sunny warm weather (50s-60s). The Thomas Training Center is owned and maintained on the glacier by APU and is a great facility for athletes, with a big kitchen and two living room areas and close to 25 beds.

This camp the group consisted of most of the elite skiers on the APU team including Kikkan and Taz, Lars Flora, James Southam and a handful of other elite skiers and Alaskan juniors. It was a great camp, Erik Flora and Frode Lillefjell, the two APU coaches, spent a lot of time videoing and going over technique and other aspects of training. However, the camp was not without its difficulties, but the main problems did not lie with the athletes or training, but in the facilities....

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