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It is on... RIGHT NOW

Mon, Apr  30, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

How far away is the next race season? How far away are the next Olympics? How far away are "your" Olympics?

One day.

And that day is today.

Every today.


Kikkan Randall testing.jpg

Kikkan Randall... as fit as ever.

April 1 the USST World Cup team arrived for testing in Park City. No one was keen on coming to Utah to go all out on the treadmill. All came and all went all out. The main lesson learned: fitness improved from October to April through the race season, based on the results we've gotten the past three years in May fitness declines too much from the end of the season to the begining of May. Most of the decline begins after two weeks of rest. And so balancing recovery post-season and maintaining fitness gains is very important. Both must be accomplished. You must recover and you can't afford to slip.

Don't slip.


Kris Freeman testing 2.jpg

 Kris Freeman pushes the end of the test away. Zach Caldwell yells.


Torin Koos testing 2.jpg

 Torin Koos ain't been caught slipping.

On Thursday I presented our budget to the big bosses at the USST. Our plans and budget were accepted and are solidifying. Stay tuned for more news on the plan, our team and our schedule.

We are ready for the 2007-2008 season.

Are you?

Get that way. 

 Torin Koos testing.jpg

 Koos keeping in pegged at max.

(Zach Caldwell photos)