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Volunteers needed for Forbush Freestyle

Fri, Jan  22, 2016 - By Mario Kennedy

Dear Friends of Forbush

As some of you may already know, Forbush Corner will be hosting the Forbush Freestyle in conjunction with the Meijer State Games of Michigan on Saturday, January 30th. This event is one of 17 events that make up the Michigan Cup 2015-16 Race Series. We at Forbush Corner are excited and proud to host this event once again this year, as occasions such as these are a tremendous way to promote and nurture our sport. These events also provide a great venue for all of us to spend quality time together doing what we love to do and also carry on a tradition that David Forbush started many years ago with the Frederic Loppet.

As you can image, such an event like this that typically attracts over 100 racers is a challenge to host. Forbush Corner has been very fortune over the last couple of years to have enough volunteers to help put on a high quality event. In order to help insure another high quality and successful event again this year, we are asking for your help. We are in need of volunteers for several pre-race and race day activities, which include and are not limited to registration, food prep, award ceremony, race course set up and race course monitoring/water. Although the need for volunteers is at it peak on race day, we could also use assistance the day before to help with Friday registration, race packet pickup and course set up.

To show our appreciation for your generous volunteerism, we can offer a free day trail pass to be used at your discretion, or if you are already a season pass holder, we can offer you a special discount on merchandise in the shop.

So if you have some free time and would like to help out with this great event, please let us know. We would love to see you and we greatly appreciate your support and continued interest in Forbush Corner! Contact or call Forbush Corner at 989.889.1644