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Getting to know the Toko All Stars: Noah Hoffman 

Mon, Nov  16, 2015 - By Toko

Who was your skiing role model when you were growing up and why?
My skiing role model when I was a junior was U.S. Ski Team athlete Kris Freeman. Kris was the best distance skier in the U.S. and his success showed me that it was possible for an American, who lived and trained in the U.S., to be in the top-5 in the world. When I got older I had the privilege of training with Kris, and he taught me how to train at an international level.

Noah Hoffman

What skier inspires you currently and why?
I am inspired by my teammates, beginning with the U.S. Cross Country Team and extending to all of my teammates and friends who compete at the international level throughout the USSA disciplines. The success of the U.S. Women's Cross Country Team at the World Championships and on the World Cup is incredibly motivating. 

Favorite race course and why?
My favorite race course is Val di Fiemme, Italy because it suits my strengths, it's fun to ski and it's often sunny in Val di Fiemme. 

Favorite workout and why?
I enjoy going for very long trail runs. I like picking a route that I think will take me five or six hours and setting out for an adventure. 

Favorite place to train and why?
I love training at the Snow Farm in Wanaka, New Zealand. You can't beat the incredible food, the comfortable living, the gentle rolling trails and the mid-winter conditions in July. 

Favorite movie line and why?
Don't have one. I don't watch many movies. 

Favorite Toko glove model (and/or color) and why?
I like the Toko Profi in red because they are the perfect race weight and match my signature red hat.

Noah Hoffman training