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Riley's loop in excellent shape for VASA 50k

Mon, Feb  4, 2013 - By VASA

We are only six days away from the VASA Festival of Races. We have received over a foot of snow during the past week and the cold nights have made for primo skiing on the Vasa trail system. We will conduct races at 1km, 2km, 3km, 6km, 12km, 27km and 50km so there should be a distance that suits every skier. You can register online for any race until 6pm on Thursday 2/7 and save $5 over onsite registration. Visit for registration and for race information.

There is more great news for the 50k skiers as we will have a one lap race. Dr. Jim Woodburne reports that more packing and grooming was conducted on Riley's loop (50km) during the week and it is now in excellent shape. Several skiers have reported that this very scenic section of trail is very skiable. They will groom all race courses during this week with the LMC and the weather report for this week looks very favorable for an outstanding race weekend. We appreciate all the work that Jim and others have put into clearing, packing and grooming Riley's Loop.