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Hot. Cool. Yours. - Slogan for 2014 Stochi Olympic Games

Mon, Oct  1, 2012 - By Stocki Olypmic Commitee

500 days before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee has announced its slogan: "Hot.Cool.Yours." The slogan is made up of two parts: one dynamic (changeable) and one constant. It is intended to reflect the national character of Russia and the values of the Sochi 2014 brand, as well as Sochi 2014’s progressive and innovative approach to the organization and staging of the Games. The first "dynamic" part of the slogan can be adapted for communications around specific projects, events and audiences and allows for the creation of numerous individual slogans for advertising campaigns during the Sochi 2014 project. The constant part “Yours.” serves as the communications’ succession in various advertising campaigns.

Winter Games in Sochi Hot. Cool. Yours.

The “dynamic” part of the slogan (the words "Hot.Cool.") makes it possible to create a lot of individual slogans for advertising campaigns related to the Olympic project.

The constant part “Yours.” can be used in all Sochi’s advertising campaigns and logically develops the communication of the Sochi 2014 brand presented in December 2009 under the heading “This is my Games”.

The slogan "Hot.Cool.Yours." is intended to be a universal solution successfully combining innovation and dynamism. The first part of the slogan, consisting of the two words “Hot.Cool.” symbolizes movement, evolution and moving forward.

The word "Hot." reflects the intensity of sporting battle and the passion of the spectators, and it emphasizes the location of the Games, the southern resort city of Sochi.

The word "Cool." references the timing of the Games, the fact that it is a Winter Games, as well as alluding to traditional perceptions of Russia as a country with a cold climate in the rest of the world.

The last word "Yours." symbolizes personal involvement and shows that while the Games is a large-scale national project, everybody can share in the victories at the Games and the sense of pride.

The dot after each word draws a parallel with high technologies (.ru) and the emblem of the Winter Games in Sochi.

The President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, Dmitry Chernyshenko, noted:

"The slogan of the Winter Games in Sochi, in my opinion, very successfully captures the diversity of Russia’s national character, and the very personal nature of the Games. The Sochi 2014 slogan demonstrates that it is impossible not to participate, watch, experience and be proud because this is Your Games."