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Kick for the Long Haul

Wax Tips

Sun, Feb  4, 2007 - By Swix Racing

New England is home to three of the greatest Classic technique marathons in the country, covering some of the hardest terrain in the region.  With this comes the challenge of finding a kick wax that will last 30-50km. 

A binder is essential. VG35 ironed in with a layer of V40 ironed in on top is the standard hard wax binder, and KR20 ironed in thin the standard klister binder. 

However, the past two weekends marathons have presented another scenario. Hard wax conditions with very abrasive snow underneath and in the case of the Craftsbury Marathon, numerous road crossings and some challenging downhills that can rip hard wax right off.  For both of these races Swix recommended KR20 (klister) as a binder under a VR40/30 combo.

Our recommendation of a klister binder in hard wax conditions was difficult to understand for some, but at the end of the race, those whom had used KR20 were glad they did!  The key to using KR20 in these conditions is to apply it VERY thin. I apply 4-5 dabs of the klisters on each side of the groove and then spread with an iron (set at the lowest temperature). If you have a pair of skis that have a softer flex apply the klister only under foot. This provides a durable binder that will last the distance in these conditions and not compromise glide!

This does not mean that a klister binder would always be necessary for a marathon. In non-abrasive conditions the tried and true combo of VG35 and V40 ironed in is the way to go!